The ClearShot Blue Cam and Omni Cam was invented and designed by Chris Leinweber.

Who Is Chris Leinweber?

aboutelement7Chris Leinweber was the first to receive the CEREC 3® machine in Canada. Since 2000 all the work produced in his lab has been manufactured exclusively using the CEREC® methodology. This has allowed Chris to successfully incorporate what he has learned from both the clinical side and the laboratory side. The combination of this knowledge has allowed Chris to travel internationally to instruct new users to advanced users, teaching his advanced techniques. Chris also provides private CEREC® instruction for users one on one using his own chairside techniques.

Chris has also been contracted as a CEREC® integrator for Patterson Dental in Canada; Chris prides himself on his ability as a chairside teacher which in turn provides Patterson with happy doctors.

He has been the guest speaker at several international events and was a featured speaker in Las Vegas for the 20th and 25th , 27aah Anniversary of CEREC®. Chris has had the opportunity to present his training in South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada & the USA, presenting “Who Wants to be a CEREC® Master”. Chris has worked with some of the most respected practitioners in the industry around the world.

clear_shot_closeUse the ClearShot once and dispose, using the Clearshot more than once can cause the ClearShot to lose it’s retention and slide off the end of the camera, causing the camera to incorporate the plastic into the optical impression.

Rubber dams and clamps can hinder you chances of taking good optical impressions, main reason, the dam can change the field from your first image, then there is the interferences of working on the last molar and find the clamp is in the way. Think back to when you took a polyvinyl impression the dam and clamp are removed, polyvinyl material is dispensed into the impression tray, the tray holds the material within the walls of the tray and aligns the tray in the arch while it retracts the cheek and tongue (to some degree) Now think about the ClearShot as your premium optical impression tray, it controls the camera alignment, ambient light and isolates the area for taking great digital optical impressions.

You may think the Isolite system is enough for image taking, the ClearShot controls ambient light ,it also retracts the Isolite buccal flap which hinders your buccal image taking.