tfs3hFThe ClearShot for BlueCam is fast and easy to work with. The price of just one ClearShot can be the difference of the patient going home with a restoration or the case going to the lab. How many times has this happened; you have just finished prepping, you powder and before you know it the patients tongue or cheek has touched the powder or saliva has crept onto the powder. We can not stop the patient from salavating but we can control the tongue and the cheek and we can work around any kind of barrier system using the ClearShot. Think about the time it takes for you to get good impressions.

Although some impressions are very fast and before you know it you are milling, think about the cases that you spent hours on trying to get a good impression yet incorperating poor data then working with an unsatisfactory proposal and it’s a down hill slide. With CEREC® it is all about Prep, Powder and Pictures so start with good impressions. When we scan a poured model the virtual model looks good and the proposal looks good. Why? It all starts with a good optical impression without any corrupt data and the ClearShot helps with controlling the feild areas and helping you take a quicker impression better than ever before for a better design process and less time in the chair for the patient.

Instructions for use (English and French)
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