ClearShot Barrier System

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 C. Leinweber Enterprise Inc. Has taken the next step in isolation, the ClearShot Barrier System comprises of a Barrier sleeve that fits over the entire camera, this barrier sleeve fits over the camera lens without fogging or distortion, the barrier uses FDA approved materials. The ClearShot tip for the omnicam then slides over the barrier and holds the barrier in place while retracting the cheek and the tongue, the isolation wings can be removed in order to use the ClearShot Tip for the Ortho software.

We all have heard the talk of sterilization, most simple intraoral cameras have plastic sleeves that control cross contamination. These plastic sleeves have been used for years, have you every tried to use a intraoral camera sleeve and stretch it over the lens of your omnicam , it fogs up , lets you see the video but will not scan, biggest reason why the camera will not scan is that the light measurements that reflect back to the camera can not be read therefore the 3d measurements reflect off the plastic sleeve rendering the camera useless , our sleeves are made of a special film that does not stretch therefore the image will not distort it also repels moisture and lets you see what you are scanning allowing the white light through allowing it to read the 3d values.

Complete Isolation System


Turn up the heat:

If you have not already done this go to configuration, devices, select camera , then select camera temperature and set it on #4 (highest) using this temperature helps to reduce the chance of fogging.



Protect your Investment!

Save your lens .

This lens is less than six months old what will it look like in another six months from now?

By using the ClearShot Barrier System you can save your lens from scratching. Keep your lens looking new. Control contamination no sterilization or expensive chemicals , simply wipe down your camera and place the sleeve on the Omnicam and then put the ClearShot tip in place and start scanning, make sure your camera is free from heavy scratches as this product may not work.
ClearShot helps protect your investment while helping you get the very best optical impressions.


If your lens has scratches this product may not work for you, please ensure that your lens is free from scratches and the lens is clean before placing the barrier over the lens.

Instructions for use (English and French)

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