I have been using CEREC for over 10 years and the clear shot has made a great technology even better. Our images are clearer with less distortion even in hard to reach second molar images. The images are acquired faster which allow for better work flow. Thanks for making my life a little easier.

Bryan J Shanahan

“ClearShot is amazing it isolates, makes image better, allows faster image taking, less powder, better stitching and no artifacts, with out question, best product of 2011!!!!!!!!!!! If you try it you will buy it!”

Dr.Gene Messenger

I used the ClearShot today Chris. A pt who could not tolerate the use of the isolite and I was doing #2. it did a nice job of keeping the cheek away. Great job on this. I will definitely be sharing it in my lectures and such!

Dr. Rich Rosenblatt

Great Tool! Camera is easier to handle, pictures are better!

Dr. Felber Germany

“Clear Shot is beautifully simple. It helps isolate, retract and align to provide noticeably better capture of images. An inexpensive ‘must have'”

Dr. John Thompson

I bought a box and am getting easier, better and faster images on the lower arch. Great product.

Dr. Ken Neuman

” Your product is awesome! So simple yet very effective. You get a perfect shot every time!”

Dr.Anil MakkarDDS

“ Clearer images-less corrupt data on buccal and lingual-easy to use, speeds up imaging by about 20%”

Dr. David HubbellCertified Trainer

“I was surprised about the improved quality. The image looks “brighter” and there are almost no buccal “artifacts”!

Dr. Alessandro Devigus

“I have used it on 4 cases. It is unbelievable. Makes it sooooo nice and easy to get great shots. Great job!!”

Dr. Doug SchulzCertified Trainer