Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between the Sirona Stat and the ClearShot?

The Sirona Stat creates a fulcrum to steady the camera, the ClearShot has a built in fulcrum and two isolating wings that protect the powdered teeth.

2. Can I use the ClearShot multiple times?

NO, single_use This symbol signifies this product is for one time use only , this symbol is found on the lens side of every ClearShot.

Warning, using the ClearShot more than one time voids any product warranty, the use of Cold steryl solutions weaken and discolor the plastic. ClearShot loose fitting on the camera which then gets in the way of your optical impressions.

3. I use the Isolite™ why would I use the ClearShot?

The ClearShot compliments the Isolite™ making a clear difference when taking images, sometimes when using the Isolite™ the buccal barrier pushes against the lip and gets in the way of taking your image , the Isolite™ suction system can also get in the way of the images you need.

4. Can the ClearShot be used on it’s own?

Yes, The ClearShot delivers clearer images with less corrupt data it also stabilizes the field for quicker image taking the use of the Isolation wings not only retract the cheek and tongue it also traps the light and concentrates it where it is needed the most.

5. What is the best way to take optical impressions?

The best way to take optical impressions is to have the patient sit up when taking images of the mandibular arch let gravity do the work for you, find out how easy it is to get great impressions using this simple method.

When using the ClearShot it is best to be installed on the camera just before taking your optical impression, You will notice that the camera does not seat al the way down into the locking position, on the AC the craddle is deep enough to keep the ClearShot on at all times however for the RedCam 3D unit it would be advisable to fit the ClearShot on the camera when imaging and remove after imaging has been comleted.